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Limestone Screenings

Limestone screenings are one of the most versatile aggregates. From use with interlocking stone to groundcover.

  • Commonly used when installing patio stones and interlocking pavers.
  • Commonly used as a compacted base.
  • Retains shape when compacted.

3/4″ Gravel

Gravel has a variety of practical applications.

  • For use in applications requiring drainage or as groundcover.
  • Can be mixed with screenings to be used as a compacted base.
  • May be mixed in with concrete.
  • 3/4″ Clear

Crusher Run

Crusher run is used as a compacted base for interlocking stone driveways, concrete etc.

  • Is a mixture of limestone screenings and 3/4″ gravel

HPB (High Performance Base)

HPB is a replacement for limestone screenings.

  • 1/4″ clear


We sell both Brick Sand and Concrete Sand. They can be used for both work and play.

  • Available as Brick Sand or Concrete Sand
  • Brick sand is a fine sand used to make mortar.
  • Concrete Sand is slightly more coarse and more suitable for mixing concrete
  • Brick sand can be used as play sand, it is usually finer than the sand found at public playgrounds

Picked up or Delivered to you by the Cubic Yard.
Also available in easy carry bags.
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