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Organic Soil Mixtures



Made from 1/3 topsoil, 1/3 peat loam, 1/3 manure – this rich soil is ideal for the vast majority of landscaping applications.

  • Recommended for any type of general-purpose planting.
  • Can be directly planted into.
  • Can be mixed with any existing soil.
  • Ideal choice for filling new flower beds and fertilizing before laying sod.
  • Helps break down clay conditions in soil and bulk up soil that is too sandy.

Manure or Compost

Fertilize your garden the natural way. It does not get much more organic than this!

  • Minimal odour (aged a few years)

Organic Topsoil

Generally recommended for use when significantly raising the grade of an area that you wish to cultivate with grass.

  • Can be used underneath new sodding
  • For use when raising the existing grade of an area.
  • Excellent for filling in swimming pools and leveling.
  • A good alternative to triple mix when considering ordering large quantities.

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