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What’s up with Organic

Over the years we received many calls about organic topsoil, mostly for customers that want to grow vegetables, healthy lawns, and create landscapes. They are worried about high levels of contaminates in the soil.

Topsoil is soil and you can’t get more organic than that. The question you should be asking is: “Is your soil screened and are you in control of that process?” Some local suppliers make claims that the soil they sell is from farm or fields, but that soil is no more organic than the soil in your backyard and it doesn’t guarantee it’s organic nature either.

The screening process of the soil and how much organic matter is in the soil is much more vital. Gardens grow best in well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. Unfortunately most gardens do not contain that type of soil. This is where the “organic” part comes in. Our organic topsoil means that the soil is:

  • Finely screened with no contaminants
  • Enriched with organic matter such as compost
  • Contains minimum amounts of rock and stone
  • Is produced in a controlled screening process
  • Free from chemicals